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July 8, 2012

Protecting Your Kids from Warts

Appearing as single isolated lesions or multiple ones with satellites – warts come in many different forms, shapes and locations.

Commonly referred to on the feet as “verrucae” warts are a virus which is easily picked up and transmitted from general contact.  Usually warts on the bottom of the feet reside under a layer of callous or hard skin and have some blood vessels associated with them.

There are lots of common myths about plantar warts.  Warts no matter where you get them are a virus from the Human Papilloma Virus family.  There are lots of different types of this virus and the one which affects the foot is simply one variation.

Warts are picked up very easily from skin contact with the virus which has been left from another person or host.  This is why it is important to stop the spread of the virus by covering it and cleaning surfaces it comes in contact with.  “Wear thongs in public places, gyms, beaches, and around swimming pools.  Don’t share shoes and check your kids feet regularly.”

According to Paul Bowles, Podiatrist at The Foot Spot – Podiatric Medical Centre  “Warts are very common in children, especially during the early teenage years, but they can also occur in adults and people who have immune system problems”.

According to Paul, management is usually quite simple however they can be persistent.  Do warts need to be treated:  in some cases apparently not.  “In some cases, especially young children, single isolated lesions which are not spreading may be best left untreated as they may self resolve in time.  We get concerned when they start to multiply though – one becomes two, then two becomes four and so on – that’s a situation which can quickly get out of control.  The decision to treat should be left up to your Podiatrist”.

Do over the counter chemist preparations work?  Apparently they can – however it is important to note that these preparation can contain very erosive chemicals and their use may be best under professional supervision.  Worried about that funny spot on your foot that won’t go away?  Call The Foot Spot – Podiatric Medical Centre.

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