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July 8, 2012

Selecting school shoes

Selecting school shoes for your child can be a difficult process – but it does not need to be says Paul Bowles of The Foot Spot Podiatric Medical Centre…

“It can be a confusing time, but generally if you follow the basic principals selecting the right school shoe can be very easy”.

Firstly get your child checked for SIZE – length and width are both very important.  “Cheap shoes can be expected to cause issues – there is no such thing as a good $29 school shoe!  Don’t be fooled by the advertising.”

Secondly the shoe should be supportive and stable.  “Where does a foot bend?  At the toes – so where should a shoe bend?  Correct – at the toes.  Make sure the shoe does not bend in the middle and has a firm, solid back to support the heel.”

Finally Paul recommends we all spend some time choosing the right shoe for our kids  “Selecting a school shoe should be an investment in your kids future – it should be fun and should yield a great shoe which lasts about 12 months.  Spend a few hours getting sized, speaking with your local Podiatrist and ensuring your kids have the best shoe possible for their needs – in both school shoes and sports shoes”.

 Author: The Foot Spot


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