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General Podiatry

Whether you have an ingrown toenail, corns or painful and unsightly callous, at The Foot Spot – Podiatric Medical Center we deal with any lower limb problem you may present with. No problem is too big or too small.

Podiatry is an extremely diverse and heavily sub specialized profession. However General Podiatry still remains one of the largest core subsets of a Podiatrists daily routine. There are many aspects to General Podiatry – from palliative care, to geriatrics, to nail cutting and callous/corn debridement – each having their own unique skill-set required.

Most people think “general podiatry” is simply nail cutting. There is far more to it than that, which is why today it still remains an important part of daily practice. Examining a patients foot or simply providing palliative care can often provide limb or life saving service to certain patients. To the patient it may simply be relief from a long nail or a painful corn – but to the Podiatrist it is a thorough examination of the foot and its vascular, neurological and dermatological components.

For certain patients such as ones with Vascular Disease and or Diabetes, the general consultation with their Podiatrist on a regular basis can often be a life changing event. Even the most minor of issues can blow out of all proportions in these patients to something which resembles a life threatening issue. With early detection and appropriate care from a Podiatrist these issues can often be avoided. Taking a pulse, testing sensation changes or simply visually examining the foot for skin issues often leads to early detection of major and avoidable problems.

At The Foot Spot – Podiatric Medical Center we realize the importance of general palliative care and management. Our Podiatrists are some of the best in the country and can manage any issue which may arise. From ingrown toenails, corns and callous all the way up to diabetic ulcers and infections – your feet with us are in safe hands!

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