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At The Foot Spot we pride ourselves on being able to deliver the highest quality, most up to date and evidenced based opinions on biomechanics and foot orthotics – manufactured using the latest in digital CADCAM technology.

Foot orthotics or “orthoses” as they are more correctly termed are innersoles used to change the position and function of your lower limb. Orthotics are one method a Podiatrist may use to treat your presenting problem. There are several types of orthotic available, but they can easily be broken down into CUSTOM MADE and OFF THE SHELF.

Custom made orthotics are usually made from a plaster cast or digital scan of the patients foot. They can also be manufactured from a semi-weight bearing foam impression. None of these methods are superior to the other – they are simply ways to capture an image of the foot prior to manufacturing the custom orthotic.

Once an image of the foot has been captured, it is couriered or uploaded to the laboratory for manufacture. At The Foot Spot – Podiatric Medical Center we predominantly use the latest digital scanning techniques and a CAD/CAM (Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacture) laboratory to fabricate all of our custom orthotics. This allows us a more accurate and reproducible orthotic image and guarantees a final product which fits better and more faithfully represents the Podiatrists requirments.

The CAD/CAM process begins by the laboratory using the digital scan of the patients foot or digitally imaging the patients casts. This digital image is then manipulated by the Podiatrist and laboratory to accurately reflect the needs of the patient. Once the digital image is created it is approved by the Podiatrist and the manufacturing process begins.

Although orthotics can be manufactured from multiple types of material, at The Foot Spot – Podiatric Medical Center we choose materials specific to a patients needs. At The Foot Spot, there is no such thing as HARD or SOFT orthotics, there are simply orthotics designed for each patients specific needs or requirements.  The Way it should be.   All of our orthotics can be modified, changed or recovered with ease and have an excellent life expectancy of up to 5+ years depending on the activity and use.

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